More perspiration than inspiration

madame bootyThings have been collecting a lot of dust in my sewing corner.  One of the threads in my serger actually disintegrated…I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m sure it’s not a good sign.  Every time I look over at Madame Booty (pictured above), with her undressed body, I feel sad.  The first quarter of the year is a time when I usually take on a lot of sewing projects.  But I haven’t made time for sewing lately.  A new hobby has been consuming my life right now, even in these cold winter months – running.

At the end of last year, I cut a number of projects out and had plans for some winter items that I could finish before the season was up.  Unfortunately, the actual sewing has been happening in dribs and drabs.  Currently I have been slowly piecing together a practice shirt, which I am using as a guide on a new flannel shirt.  There is a vintage-looking corduroy skirt I have been dying to start as well, but I don’t even have the thread to start the project, never mind the buttons.  The other night I struggled to sew my shirt pieces and yoke together, getting so frustrated with how out of practice I was that I almost threw my iron across the room.  Simple pattern directions didn’t seem to make sense any more.  Is sewing becoming an annoyance to me now?

Shirt Yoke
My shirt yoke struggle…after a few hours I finally got it.

While it’s true that my focus has been elsewhere, sewing is still a part of my life.  I may not be completing projects as fast as I want to. I may feel too exhausted after a long run to battle with buttonholes. But I still have my desire.  Even though my life is more perspiration than inspiration now, it doesn’t mean I am hanging up my scissors.  I will finish these shirts, even if it takes baby steps to get there.

One thing hasn’t changed – my love of writing and chronicling what is going on in my life at the moment.  I’m still writing in a new running blog:, which is all about me training for my first marathon.  Feel free to check it out, even though it’s not about sewing or making clothes.  I hope to bring my same newbie attitude to marathon training that I’ve attempted to do with this sewing blog.  I’ll also still be here, trudging away on new-to-me sewing techniques and my contributions to the fiber arts.  I need new clothes this year, so there is no way I will be stopping!  I just really need to get those buttons…stay tuned.


Stay Tuned

5 thoughts on “More perspiration than inspiration

  1. Marathon training will certainly keep you occupied – good luck!

    I think I have gone the other way – i was running regularly but now I have less sewing time during the week due to commuting I find I choose to sew at the weekend instead of running – I miss running and I want to get fitter again so I need to work out how to make room for everything!



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