The big v-string underwear project

Pattern: Self drafted and improvised

My goal of buying as little clothes as possible has been going well.  When I thought about the next item I may need to purchase, I realized it wasn’t any type of garment.  It was underwear.  But could I actually make my own underwear instead of buying it?

I am actually quite picky about underwear.  I like thongs because I am self conscious about panty lines (sorry had to say the word).  But some thongs are pretty uncomfortable…you know where.  I happen to like the Victoria’s Secret V-strings theVstring best.  I think they get their name because the elastic thong comes back and makes a V shape in the back.  The front is also V-shaped so maybe that is the actual reason, who knows.  I like them because they are comfortable, but they are also quite expensive for being just two small v’s of cotton.  I tried looking for a pattern online, but it seems like all underwear patterns are for giant briefs or those thick thongs which I hate.  Studying one of my pairs, I thought, I can construct this.  I have the technology!  I just need the elastic…. Continue reading “The big v-string underwear project”