There will be only one: a difficult kilt project

Pattern: Simplicity (vintage) 7213

I was doing so well on my last few projects, so I was not anticipating any problems.  Unfortunately this one knocked me down a few pegs – I don’t think I will be attempting another kilt-skirt any time soon.  And definitely not this pattern.

Some Background

I got the idea to make a kilt-skirt last summer, when I went to Scotland for a vacation.  Okay so what I really wanted to do was make something in the clan colors shown in Highlander: the TV series (not the movie), since I have always been a huge fan of the show.  Finding clan tartan fabric was not as easy as I had hoped – I found some fabric from a few of the clan names but they were all in this really heavy wool that I knew would make my skin break out immediately.  And I couldn’t even find MacLeod tartan, which I’m not even sure is historically accurate on the show.

Author’s note: I apologize to all people that may be Scottish reading this!  I am definitely not Scottish and I am probably not using any of these words (clan, tartan, etc) correctly since I have no idea of what I am talking about (and all my knowledge comes from the TV show Highlander).  Feel free to correct my knowledge about clan or family colors/tartans as I don’t mind being educated!   Continue reading “There will be only one: a difficult kilt project”

The baby sleep sack and the series of wrong decisions

Pattern: Butterick 5583

New skills acquired: 

  • Ribbed cuffs and collar
  • Time management?


There is nothing like rushing to finish a baby gift an hour before you are supposed to give it at the baby shower.  This sleep sack marked the first baby item I ever attempted.  In the end, it came out pretty good, but I did have some difficulty.

First of all, when I borrowed this pattern I started looking at all the wonderful fleece that was available (and on sale!).  I had picked out something perfect for a baby girl when I remembered that my friend was due in April.  This was a newborn sleep sack that she would not be wearing as a newborn.  WRONG!  I immediately picked out some cute cotton knit instead.

I do not have a serger at home, so this required me taking a special trip to my parent’s house in order to sew this up.   Continue reading “The baby sleep sack and the series of wrong decisions”

Bringing back the southwest

I’ve decided that I like going fabric shopping on vacation.  It’s usually pretty tough to squeeze it in, but if you do your research ahead of time and you have an understanding travel buddy, you can make it happen.

Stitchology in Albuquerque, NM

While I was in New Mexico a few weeks ago, I made the discovery that there was a fabric store a block from the B&B I was staying in.  It was a sign!  The store was Stitchology in Albuquerque,a very small and very cute sewing shop.  For such a small place, it had a pretty decent variety of fabric types.

I bought some embroidered cotton & a yard of blue rayon that I thought had an interesting print.


I liked what I bought, but I didn’t feel it was really Southwestern enough.  I wanted something that would remind me of this trip and capture the spirit of region.  I made an extra stop at Southwest Decoratives, Continue reading “Bringing back the southwest”