The baby sleep sack and the series of wrong decisions

Pattern: Butterick 5583

New skills acquired: 

  • Ribbed cuffs and collar
  • Time management?


There is nothing like rushing to finish a baby gift an hour before you are supposed to give it at the baby shower.  This sleep sack marked the first baby item I ever attempted.  In the end, it came out pretty good, but I did have some difficulty.

First of all, when I borrowed this pattern I started looking at all the wonderful fleece that was available (and on sale!).  I had picked out something perfect for a baby girl when I remembered that my friend was due in April.  This was a newborn sleep sack that she would not be wearing as a newborn.  WRONG!  I immediately picked out some cute cotton knit instead.

I do not have a serger at home, so this required me taking a special trip to my parent’s house in order to sew this up.  I hadn’t bought a zipper yet, but I had most everything else so I figured I could do most of the work and install the zipper later.  WRONG!  Because I had to stitch on top of the zipper, keeping the front free, I was not able to stitch up the sides, which also delayed sleevework and making the casing.


Well at least I could make the sleeve cuffs, even if I couldn’t sew them on.  I got a bit confused on the directions here – I thought I had them correctly until I looked at the picture.  WRONG!  It was pretty clear on the picture that the ribbings were going the opposite way than I had them.  So I re-cut and sewed them the opposite way.

But I still couldn’t figure out how they were supposed to go on the sleeve, since now I had one pretty long cuff.  The directions were no help….but then…..

Here you want to flip the bottom so the raw edges meet, forming your cuff

Ohhhhhhh!  Now they were ready to be sewn on the sleeves, whenever they were finished.


I figured I had made a pretty good dent in this project and I could just come back and spend a few hours before the shower finishing these last few steps…as long as I sewed in the zipper ahead of time…


Those few steps took a lot longer than I thought – I was having trouble serging around the curve of the armpit, and ended up re-serging 3 times.  I told my mom I was going to serge the cuff onto the sleeve and she looked at me like I was nuts.  Since I had to stretch the cuff to fit around the sleeve, I decided to stitch it on first, then serge around it to finish the edge.  RIGHT!  This was actually coming along….I thought I would actually beat my deadline and even have some extra time to cut out some fabric for another project…WRONG!


I also had to learn how to use my new snap fastener thingy that I had just bought online (twice, because one was lost in the snowstorm).  No issues here, but it took a minute to figure out how to put the snap pieces in the plastic and hammer them into place.  And I checked and double checked to make sure I was hammering the backing into the correct side.  I didn’t want to make that mistake.


I’m not sure why, but when I finally finished up the casing on the bottom for the drawstring and packed up my stuff, it was a lot later than I thought.  Well that was okay, since it should just take a little over a half hour to get to the shower.  I’ll just plug it into my GPS and WRONG!  One hour and 15 minutes!

The finished product! Hope baby will like it!

So I was a little late…but I did make it, gifts in hand.  All’s well that ends well, just maybe I shouldn’t cut it that close when making a gift.  It’s hard to predict when things are going to go…..


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