Oh Those Summer Nights

Pattern: Crudely self-drafted

I’ve been working on a few blog posts for completed projects, however it’s tough to get any of this stuff done in the summer.  Plus I really need a photographer since I have yet to get pictures of me in my new skirt.  But anyways, this weekend I did a thing!  I had a few extra minutes and access to my mom’s serger, so I tested out my own drafted pattern of pajama pants.

I used to use an old pair of pjs that had been taken apart as a pattern.  But unfortunately it was thrown out after I moved out of my parent’s house.  So I traced a pair that I had made a while back and then added seam allowances and extra space to make the waistband.


I traced them on this material on a kind of interfacing that has red dots on it (sorry I have no idea what it’s called).  I think it works pretty well and definitely more sturdy than paper, so I will be able to use over and over again.


After cutting, it was just zip, zip zip on the serger.  This is the order in which I sew pj pants up:

  1. Sew front pieces together
  2. Sew back pieces together
  3. Sew front and back together on the inside seam (in one long seam)
  4. Serge the hems
  5. Serge the top of the waistband
  6. Sew up the side seams (individually of course)
Buttonholes on summer pj pants
Putting two buttonholes in before you sew the waistband, for your drawstring. I used two small pieces of interfacing for stability.

The only thing left is to make buttonholes for the drawstring, sew the waistband down and insert the elastic.

Ta da!
Ta da!

Here is a close up of the fabric:


And here is me enjoying my new pajama pants!

Summer PJ Pants

Also, I was excited to find out that the baby sleep sack I made finally fits my friend’s baby.  So baby Violet is now enjoying her summer pajamas!

Baby Violet in baby sleep sack
Disclaimer: Not my baby

Isn’t that the cutest thing?  Anyways, during the hot summer months, it’s tough to sew and blog.  When I get home from work, I’m hot and tired.  On the weekends I want to enjoy myself outside.  But I was able to at least create something practical to wear during those summer nights.

What do you think?  Do you have trouble keeping up with sewing projects when the weather is warmer?

3 thoughts on “Oh Those Summer Nights

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  2. Yes. Who wants to be sewing when there is the chance to get outside. Yet going out in the sun requires new outfits! I seem to be using my evenings in the week to crank out the odd outfit (halter top on the go). Nice picture of you jumping on the bed!

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