Summer sleeves…make me feel fine

Pattern: New Look 6104 (view D)New Look 6104

While I was in the middle of trying to finish up my cold weather projects that got away from me last season, I realized I would always be a season behind if I didn’t get working on some summer clothes.  So I dropped everything and whipped up this little shirt, made from fabric I got for $1.99 a yard at Sewfisticated in Framingham, MA.

Plaid fabric

When I bought this, I had a vision of making a sleeveless shirt. This New Look pattern that I had already made a muslin from seemed perfect, especially with the tucks in the front and the collar-less design.

Based on my experience from last time, I cut the neckline a bit smaller to compensate for my small shoulders and cut the bottom part a little fuller.  It could probably use more adjustment next time – with the bottom more flared out and the middle part taken it a bit at the waist.  But it still works for a summer top that is classy enough for the office and casual enough for a July 4th BBQ (pictured below).


I’m also happy to report the tucks came out perfect on these.  My last attempt at tucks (which was actually my first attempt at tucks) resulted in some mistakes in the spacing on one side, which made the front uneven looking.  The trick I used this time was marking the lines with tailor’s chalk so that I was absolutely sure where the tucks would go.  IMG_2535

This pattern finishes the armholes with binding strips cut on the bias.  It was fairly easy, except it calls for stitching everything on the outside. No matter how hard I tried to line everything up, there always seemed to be sections that do not catch on the inside, resulting in some re-stitching.

I finished this project fairly quickly, which was good because it kept me on track for summer clothes. There is no better feeling than actually being able to wear something immediately after you make it!

Summer Shirt July 4

It’s a little a late to say Happy 4th of July (plus I think most of my readers are from the UK), so Happy Summer everyone!  I think it’s time to put these winter projects to bed.

Also – a note to all other beginners out there.  This pattern is a great beginner blouse pattern, because there is no tricky collar to mess with.  The neck binding is uncomplicated and the sleeves (if you add them) have a nice look with some clearly illustrated directions.

How are everyone else’s summer projects coming along?

7 thoughts on “Summer sleeves…make me feel fine

    1. I had to adjust this a bit myself, especially in the neckline. I feel like the top part and middle part came out too big, but I had to flare out the bottom as it was straight and does not fit over my hips very well as is. My second attempt I cut the neckline a little smaller, but I can definitely take the top part in even more (like 2 sizes) next time I cut one out. I just thought the problem was that I’m not very busty, but some of these commercial patterns are really off on their measurements.

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