Bringing back the southwest

I’ve decided that I like going fabric shopping on vacation.  It’s usually pretty tough to squeeze it in, but if you do your research ahead of time and you have an understanding travel buddy, you can make it happen.

Stitchology in Albuquerque, NM

While I was in New Mexico a few weeks ago, I made the discovery that there was a fabric store a block from the B&B I was staying in.  It was a sign!  The store was Stitchology in Albuquerque,a very small and very cute sewing shop.  For such a small place, it had a pretty decent variety of fabric types.

I bought some embroidered cotton & a yard of blue rayon that I thought had an interesting print.


I liked what I bought, but I didn’t feel it was really Southwestern enough.  I wanted something that would remind me of this trip and capture the spirit of region.  I made an extra stop at Southwest Decoratives, which had a great collection of southwestern and native american prints.  They pretty much only had quilting cotton, but I was able to pick up some grey flannel this print.

I also got some cotton fabric for myself and was able to get some quilting fabric for my mom as well.  WIN_20150408_224042WIN_20150408_224124

There were some really interesting quilts hanging on the wall as well.  I especially liked the ones inspired by the beautiful scenery of the area.

Quilts hanging at Southwestern Fabrics in Albuquerque, NM

The trip was amazing.  So many different things to see, great food, and warm sunny weather.  I came back feeling refreshed, both mentally and creatively.  Time to get back to sewing!

White Sands National Monument, NM
White Sands National Monument, NM

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