Austin 2020: Tanks for the Memories

Pattern: Aurora Tank by Seamwork

I love to travel. Over the last few years, I’ve really made it priority and planning trips has become almost a major hobby. My latest trip was a girl’s trip in Austin, TX with a couple of my closest friends. We planned the trip under the guise of running a race down there, but in reality we were more interested in exploring a new place rather than being competitive. I wanted to have a new piece for my trip so despite it being cold and wintery outside, I decided to sew up a knit tank top inside.

I knew I wanted to make another Aurora Tank, since it’s such a simple pattern and I enjoyed the one I made before. However, I knew my previous tank was not perfect so I decided to do a little reading about twin needle stitching on knits before I attempted another one. I saw some familiar issues with “tunneling” between the stitches and also tension issues which cause the thread to break. There were a few options to try, but I decided to go with using a fusible knit interfacing on the seams where I would need to use my twin needle. I also increased the tension on my machine a little – I had to test out different tensions on my dial before I found one that seemed to be stable enough.

I was able to use my twin stitching on the arm holes and on the hem. Most everything else I used my serger with it being knit and all. I really liked how this tank top came out – and definitely a way better look than my first attempt. The fabric was definitely a great find as well – I bought it and actually cut out a wrap dress that I still haven’t gotten to sewing up yet. I was thinking about this dress and what a shame it was that it wasn’t completed since I loved the way the fabric looked, so I checked my stash to see how much was left. I was pleasantly surprised there was just enough for this tank, thankfully I didn’t mess anything up.

The weather in Austin was a bit all over the place. The first day was actually quite cool, but a few days later it had gotten up to almost 80 degrees. I was glad I got to break out this tank top while exploring shops in the SoCo area, trails near the river and the top of Mount Bonnell. The weather kept getting hotter throughout the day but I stayed cool and comfortable. It’ll be awhile until I can wear this again in Boston, but I’m looking forward to it.

My next trip coming up is in April and I have some sewing plans for that as well. This will be a different trip as I’m going to Florida with my S/O and his family. I just started cutting out a new bathing suit, after my first test attempt failed. I’m hoping I can figure out what went wrong this time around.

Sewing for vacations is my new favorite thing. In a way, it’s become a part of the planning of the trip. It keeps me looking forward to the vacation, but also keeps me on my sewing game which has definitely taken a back seat these last few years.

I think the reason I love travel so much is that I always learn something new where ever I go. Beside learning that Austin is a place for weirdos, impressive street art, secret bars and excellent BBQ, I took away something else extremely important. No matter where you are in life, nothing beats spending time with people who will give you great stories and memories and keep you laughing until you can’t breath. Cheers to my girls who make this life livable.

Bringing back the southwest

I’ve decided that I like going fabric shopping on vacation.  It’s usually pretty tough to squeeze it in, but if you do your research ahead of time and you have an understanding travel buddy, you can make it happen.

Stitchology in Albuquerque, NM

While I was in New Mexico a few weeks ago, I made the discovery that there was a fabric store a block from the B&B I was staying in.  It was a sign!  The store was Stitchology in Albuquerque,a very small and very cute sewing shop.  For such a small place, it had a pretty decent variety of fabric types.

I bought some embroidered cotton & a yard of blue rayon that I thought had an interesting print.


I liked what I bought, but I didn’t feel it was really Southwestern enough.  I wanted something that would remind me of this trip and capture the spirit of region.  I made an extra stop at Southwest Decoratives, Continue reading “Bringing back the southwest”

A change of scenery…

Well I have a couple finished projects that I still need to blog about, but I’m off on vacation for a week!  I’m going to be touring around New Mexico, getting some sun and dry desert air.  Just the cure for this miserable winter, and by the looks out my window, the start of a rainy spring.  And I just found out that one of the B&B’s I’m staying in is only a 2-block walk to a fabric store!  Here’s hoping I can bring home the Southwest, in fabric form.  I’m excited to get some inspiration as well…and a much needed change of scenery.

Maybe your best course would be to thread lightly

Off to the UK…

I actually have been working on a few sewing projects, however I’ve been too busy preparing for my upcoming vacation to blog about them.  Included in these projects is a me-made skirt that I just whipped up last night so I could actually take it with me.  I’ll try to get some action shots on the trip.

I love to travel, especially to new places I have never been before.  This time I’m off to…..any guesses?


Right!  I’ll be flying into Edinburgh, Scotland and I’ll even get to see some of the highlands too.  I’m hoping for good weather and also a possible side-mission to maybe get some tartan or some sort of plaid fabric.  If anyone has any advice on this, please feel free to comment.   It would be great to bring something back – perhaps to make a “there-can-be-only-one” kilt skirt.  What do you think?

I can’t wait – just a few more days!!