The Swing of Things…

I’ve been back from vacation for a few weeks, but really having trouble getting back to my sewing.  It’s truly a shame because I am really late in making my sister’s birthday present….which I will reveal when it’s done.

Scotland was amazing by the way!  I was so lucky to get the opportunity to visit during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and also experience some of energy of the Commonwealth Games.  I didn’t have tickets to any of the games, so I did the next best thing – fabric shopping!   I went to Mandors Fabric Store in Glasgow, just so I could say that bought fabric while in another country.  Weird, I know, but I figured whatever Continue reading “The Swing of Things…”

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay, so yesterday was my actual birthday.  But I wanted to share this special present I received, which was this gorgeous sheer material from my mom.

Look how pretty!

I think it’s chiffon.  Anyways, I need to figure out what I want to do with it.  Especially since I was informed that I only own part of this, since my mom is going to give part of it to my sister.  Typical.  When I was growing up, my little sister always got a present on my birthday.  Can you believe this is still going on, even with us in our 30’s?!

Oh well, there is actually plenty to go around.  I’m thinking a nice flowy dress would be great for this.  I also got some black lining material as well that will go very nicely.

I’m so behind on my projects.  I actually cut out the material for a knit shirt last week, but I have had no time to even look at it.   White lines....As you can see, this will be a great lesson in matching up stripes.  I’m actually very excited about this shirt because I actually saw the material and envisioned what kind of shirt I wanted to make with it.  I then did a thorough search for the perfect pattern to match what I wanted.  Stay tuned for the post on this one…when I finally get around it it.

The chiffon material hasn’t fully inspired me yet, so if anyone has any suggestions,  I am open to them.