The Swing of Things…

I’ve been back from vacation for a few weeks, but really having trouble getting back to my sewing.  It’s truly a shame because I am really late in making my sister’s birthday present….which I will reveal when it’s done.

Scotland was amazing by the way!  I was so lucky to get the opportunity to visit during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and also experience some of energy of the Commonwealth Games.  I didn’t have tickets to any of the games, so I did the next best thing – fabric shopping!   I went to Mandors Fabric Store in Glasgow, just so I could say that bought fabric while in another country.  Weird, I know, but I figured whatever I made from it would have the memory of this wonderful vacation.

IMG_3037I happen to really love plaid and honestly, I have a hard time finding plaid material that I really like in the states.  So I figured what better place to get it?  I ended up getting 3 pieces of fabric – 2 plaid & one that was white with mini pink anchors.  The anchor cloth was on sale and if there is anything I love more than plaid (besides argyle), it’s sailor themed things.  In Edinburgh, I also bought a few tartan remnants from a kilt shop.  I figured I could use them as an applique or something like that.

My shopping was a success – but did make my luggage over weight.  I really over-did it on the souvenirs this trip and had to really shift stuff around.  So much so, that my “personal item” looked like I was smuggling bowling balls.  Oh well, it worked and now I have some new fabric!  Just need to figure out what I want to do with it….oh the possibilities!

IMG_1354 Well it’s back to reality now and hoping to get the energy to get back to my projects.  Coming back from some place new always inspires me to do more travel!  But it also inspires my creativity as well.  And who couldn’t be inspired by this:

IMG_3210Or this:

IMG_3228Or this:

IMG_3114Well I got the inspiration…now just need the motivation.  Stay tuned…more sewing to come!






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