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A change of scenery…


Well I have a couple finished projects that I still need to blog about, but I’m off on vacation for a week!  I’m going to be touring around New Mexico, getting some sun and dry desert air.  Just the cure for this miserable winter, and by the looks out my window, the start of a rainy spring.  And I just found out that one of the B&B’s I’m staying in is only a 2-block walk to a fabric store!  Here’s hoping I can bring home the Southwest, in fabric form.  I’m excited to get some inspiration as well…and a much needed change of scenery.

Maybe your best course would be to thread lightly

Author: qplourde

I'm not sure why I have to describe myself so much.

3 thoughts on “A change of scenery…

  1. Ah ha! New Mexico – I have just got the Walter White reference. How exciting to go to there. We are watching the Just Cal Saul series now – which is awfully good.

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    • Haha! So this is not where I got the name for my blog, but I just finished watching the Breaking Bad series a few months ago and realized he used the “tread lightly” expression in a pretty crucial moment in the show. I’m watching Saul as well, and I got to visit his office from Breaking Bad and the nail salon/office from his current show as well!


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