A little background…

I really can’t pinpoint how it all started.  I was unemployed at 34 and trying hard to look for a job, while I finished my MBA at night.   My parents had graciously taken me into their home while I tried to craft my ideal career, taking in pro bono work and dabbling in consulting jobs.   I had some free time.  And I had a recently serviced sewing machine.  And I really needed a skirt. I am obsessed with clothes.  If you ever saw my closets (yes, more than one) you would…well you would probably put me on that show Hoarders: Buried Alive.  Actually clothes hoarder is pretty accurate, since I also panic and cry whenever I try to get rid of a clothing item.   I love clothes – I love looking at them, I love trying them on, and I love buying them.  Especially new clothes.  It can be a pretty expensive habit and when I lost my job, it was obviously the first thing that was cut from my budget.  But I also had another problem.  Being of a certain body-shape, I can only really wear skirts that are full and not fitted.  It seemed like the skirts that I liked the look of were not flattering, and the flattering skirts were nothing special.  I wanted to take matters into my own hand – how hard could a simple A-line skirt be? img_0520-e1398342302313 Turns out…not that hard!  And so a new obsession was born.  Now going to the fabric store is my new high and it’s even more exciting than clothes shopping.  I see a bolt of fabric and imagine all the possibilities that it could become.  A skirt?  A wrap-dress?  Maybe just a short-sleeve blouse?  Sometimes I’ll go to the fabric store to see if inspiration hits me.  Sometimes I buy fabric that looks nice and have no idea at the time what I am going to make with it.  At the moment, I have a lot of fabric and many potential projects ahead of me.


Which brinIMG_0666gs me to this blog.  I’ve been sewing off and on for about a year.  I can’t stress enough that I am in no way an expert – more of a sewing enthusiast.  I thought it would be great to create a place to share the projects I was working on, especially since other sewing blogs have helped me in the past.  My hope is that by sharing my experiments and stories, I will reach out to anyone who enjoys the art of making clothes as I do.  Maybe there will even be some useful information that will help you in your projects.  I welcome all feedback, advice, and anecdotes about your experiments as well.   My wish is that it can become more of  a conversation about sewing, since I don’t have too many friends that share this passion.


So that is my description.  I feel like I need a cheesy quote in here somewhere.  Like…”something something the journey is….something ….and that made all the difference.”  Whatever, I am not good at quotes.  Feel free to insert one if that is your bag.  And check back for my experiments…failed and successful!   I will try to post both.