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Another day, another knit skirt


Pattern: McCall’s M6966McCalls M6966

I’ve seen so many cute long knit skirts lately worn by people at work.  So I thought, why not make my own!  I had just bought myself a serger – exciting news.  So this was the perfect project to test out my skills.

Not much to say about this one.  I had used this pattern before, but this time I decided to try view C, but with the yoke I had constructed for view D.  It’s pretty basic, with just a back panel and a front panel, and the yoke pieces to form a waistband.


I did start to sew up the waist incorrectly, sewing where the elastic is supposed to fit in the wrong place.  I flipped the waist pieces around it and finished the waistband that way.  It isn’t quite the way it’s supposed to be, but luckily it works with such a simple skirt.


The knit fabric flows so nicely and the skirt is incredibly flattering.  It’s also very comfortable and the best part – it’s in style right now (if you go by my co-worker’s purchases)!  If you are looking for a quick day project that is practical, this is a great one.

Author: qplourde

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4 thoughts on “Another day, another knit skirt

  1. thank you so much for answering me right away:)) that was really helpful, hopefully my skirt will turn out as pretty as yours!


  2. Hello, I am new to sewing and i would like to try making this skirt. It looks so pretty on your pictures:) Could you please help me, I dont really understand if the seam allowance is included in the pattern. Or do I have to cut it out and add the seam allowance myself? In the directions it says first that it’s not included, but then that it is included? English is not my mother tongue and I am a little lost. Your help would be most appreciated!


    • Hi, for this one you don’t need to add seam allowances. I feel like it runs a little big as well so you should be fine just cutting the pattern out as is. Let me know if you have other questions.


  3. Very nice. You are inspiring me!


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