Turtle Power! My summer blockbuster

Simplicity Pattern Pattern: Simplicity 1100

Even though I am writing this post the beginning of autumn, I actually did finish this project in the height of summer.  My summer sewing productivity was a bust. As I noticed the days getting shorter, I realized I did not have enough time to make the shorts I wanted in the time I would be able to enjoy them.  I needed a quick win, and this bathing suit cover up was just the thing.  I bought this pink turtle-print rayon a while back with the intention of making a bathing suit cover up.  Rayon is just such a cool, lightweight fabric and the turtles gave it a slightly tropical look.  The problem was finding the right pattern – one that was simple enough to sew quickly but also stylish enough to be unique.

Some simple google searches did not help me, so I went onto a site I have been an inactive member on called http://sewing.patternreview.com/.  I was able to find and purchase the perfect pattern – it was a simple dress-like cover-up that is sewn in two pieces, with no buttons or notions.  You simply tie it around the neck, but it still has the shape of a dress so I don’t have to figure out some complicated folding structure when putting it on.

Turtle Rayon This pattern is perfect for beginners and worked great for this fabric.  I couldn’t be happier with the result.  There are only two pieces to cut out, they get sewn together at the back seam and the rest is a double fold hem.  All around the front.  There is a lot of hemming though, so if you are not a fan, it may be a bit tedious.  This project can also be completed in a few hours, which was good news for my limited summer schedule.

Turtle cover up

It’s all about finding the right pattern that fits your vision of what the fabric should become.  This is something I sometimes struggle with.


There are so many places to find patterns – especially with all the new indie companies popping up all the time.  It’s a great time right now with all the variety we have, but it can be overwhelming.  What are you tips for searching patterns?


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