Winter is…over


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Since it is now July, you would think that the fact it’s not winter any more would be obvious to me. It is, but I realized that with all the craziness in the last six months, I forgot to blog about some of my winter projects. I’m particularly proud of both of these garments, and not just because I actually completed them in the season they were intended for, but because they both came out really nice. The sweater I am most proud of, since I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it and was able to wear it quite a bit, even as winter was thawing out a bit.

Gray mid-weight sweaterI am especially proud of the purely decorative buttons on the collar – I definitely chose the right ones for top.

Close up of collar
The lines on this really look as close to perfect as ever. I think this lightweight sweater knit was really the perfect fabric for this project.

This garment got a lot of wear this past season, since it matched a lot of things and was also quite comfortable. Unfortunately, my other winter project did not get quite as much wear as I ended up Vogue V8956finishing it right as I was losing my job. The skirt is not especially uncomfortable, but not something I wanted to wear just bumming around the house.

I usually shy away from straight skirts, since my shape is not very flattering in them, but I decided to give this one a shot since the fabric was definitely not flowy enough for some of the other skirts pictured in this pattern. This is a true wrap-around skirt, with 2 hook and bar clips holding it on the waistband. I ended up adjusting it so that it was a slightly bigger size in the hips than the the waist. Usually I can’t get this to work right, but I think this skirt fits pretty well and I definitely don’t feel any tightness or weird bulges as I might have suspected.

Plaid textured skirt

The fabric was given to me by my aunt when I first started sewing. I had always envisioned a skirt to make with it, but had not gotten around to it until this year. The fabric started shredding the minute I cut into it, so I had to serge all the edges before I even started working with it.

Winter SkirtI definitely do not have a skirt like this and I almost can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so I can finally wear it.

Both of these projects were fast sews and the patterns were very easy to follow. This seems unusual with both of them being Big 4 patterns, but I guess they can get some things right.  Both are recommended for beginners – great wardrobe builders that can give you an outfit in no time.

This week has definitely been the hottest one this year-and looking at these pictures is really making me sweat! I have most of my summer projects cut out – although it’s getting a bit late to have them ready in time for the season. My spring just got away from me and will probably throw my fall off too. Well, I’m not doing too well with my goal of sewing ahead of season, but hopefully I will stay on top of my projects and my blogging in the not too distant future.

Stay cool!

One thought on “Winter is…over

  1. These look great – I love that sweater – you did a fantastic job on that perfect material, perfect notions and perfect fit. Great work. Hopefully you get a lot more wear out of them – once the weather changes again. Good luck with your summer sewing.


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