Fleur de Fleece Pants: Making the most of 2020 cancellations

Pattern: Butterick B3314

These days, comfort is everything. As the days turn colder now, I find myself reaching often for my electric blanket. I usually need it after going for a run in this brisk weather and since running is the only way I get out of the house, I need this quite a bit. On the weekends, I love nothing more than to warm myself in these fleece pants I made – something that is obviously very simple to make, but more useful than I realized. When I cut these out, I thought these would be a fun addition on my planned road trip through Quebec. I was supposed to go on a big road trip last fall. Obviously that was cancelled, which was a bummer because I was really looking forward to traveling with my parents again and getting in touch with my roots a bit. I haven’t gone anywhere with my parents in many years and I know they were itching to get back to Montreal after their last trip got cut short due to an illness. I always love a good road trip, so I was extremely sad the borders never opened. And even though September isn’t usually too cold, I still think my pants could have come in handy on the trip.

I bought this fleece a while ago, not knowing what I was going to make with it. Fleece is not something I sew with often and there are only so many vests you can have. I had the idea to make the pants after starting the plans for my Quebec road trip. For this I used a typical pajama pants pattern, with no real surprises or challenges. I used my serger for most of the stitching and put in a run-of-the-mill elastic waist.

The borders don’t seem to be opening up anytime soon. Wouldn’t it have been a great picture showing off my fleur-de-lis pants in Quebec City? I unfortunately had to settle for my couch. Luckily they are the perfect pants for 2020-2021. When you work from home, you start to feel over-dressed in jeans. And nothing beats them on a day like today, with the snow softly falling outside. Canada, this French-Canadian is coming for you. I’m not sure when, but I won’t be shut out forever.



One thought on “Fleur de Fleece Pants: Making the most of 2020 cancellations

  1. Hopefully it wont be too long before you can take that trip – I miss our yearly trips up into Canada – It’s such a fantastic place. Your pants look great, and are defintiely a good thing to sew (and wear) these days.


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