Liebster Award

A Liebster Award!

For a fantastic start to my week, Helen from justsewtherapeutic has nominated me for a Liebster award.  Huzzah!  I had seen these buttons around, and after some googling discovered that this award is given by bloggers to bloggers as a way for up-and-coming blogs to reach new readers.  When you are nominated, you get to answer a few questions and nominate others…and the cycle continues.

Liebster Award

So here they are…Helen’s questions.  I will try to make my answers as interesting as possible.

 1. What was the first thing you ever made?


Before I really got into making clothes, I made a green table cloth.  It didn’t come out that great, despite the fact that it just a square.  I have come a long way….I think.  My first real item of clothing was a simple A-line skirt (because I really needed one that I liked), but I had A LOT of help with it.


2. If you could only ever use five patterns again which would they be?

Hmm…this one is tough since I am still kind of discovering new patterns all the time.  But if I were to think of it in terms of wardrobe necessities…

  • New Look 6108 for knits:  This has the easiest knit skirt pattern that I have used a few more times – and plan on using for a new skirt very soon.  Very versatile.
  • Simplicity 2700 for pants:  Very simple pants pattern that could be used for all types of dress pants.
  • Butterick B5954 for tops:  This is a great tunic pattern – I made one of them and have plans for more.  It has sleeveless and sleeved patterns which makes it great for all seasons.  Also for knits.
  • McCalls M6610 for jeans:  Cuz you need a good jeans pattern.
  • A pajama pants pattern I made myself out of some disassembled pants from the dollar store.   Not helpful I know

3. Greatest sewing achievement?

Probably the dress I just finished for my friend’s wedding.  It was the first project I really took my time on to get it right.  A close second would be this tunic, which got a lot of attention from my friends on Facebook.

Sweater knit tunic

4. Greatest sewing failure!?

Honestly I made a ton of mistakes with my gold jeans.  It was a noble attempt, but definitely a learning experience that will hopefully help me the next time I make a pair of jeans.  I also made a pair of wool-blend pants that ended up enormously too big for me.  My weight was fluctuating at the time and even though I thought I had followed the measurements on the pattern, they ended up looking pretty baggy, despite my efforts to take them in.  I refuse to get rid of them and have worn them a few times, just because so much of my time and effort went into them.

5. How much fabric have you got in your stash?

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