A Liebster Award!

For a fantastic start to my week, Helen from justsewtherapeutic has nominated me for a Liebster award.  Huzzah!  I had seen these buttons around, and after some googling discovered that this award is given by bloggers to bloggers as a way for up-and-coming blogs to reach new readers.  When you are nominated, you get to answer a few questions and nominate others…and the cycle continues.

Liebster Award

So here they are…Helen’s questions.  I will try to make my answers as interesting as possible.

 1. What was the first thing you ever made?


Before I really got into making clothes, I made a green table cloth.  It didn’t come out that great, despite the fact that it just a square.  I have come a long way….I think.  My first real item of clothing was a simple A-line skirt (because I really needed one that I liked), but I had A LOT of help with it.


2. If you could only ever use five patterns again which would they be?

Hmm…this one is tough since I am still kind of discovering new patterns all the time.  But if I were to think of it in terms of wardrobe necessities…

  • New Look 6108 for knits:  This has the easiest knit skirt pattern that I have used a few more times – and plan on using for a new skirt very soon.  Very versatile.
  • Simplicity 2700 for pants:  Very simple pants pattern that could be used for all types of dress pants.
  • Butterick B5954 for tops:  This is a great tunic pattern – I made one of them and have plans for more.  It has sleeveless and sleeved patterns which makes it great for all seasons.  Also for knits.
  • McCalls M6610 for jeans:  Cuz you need a good jeans pattern.
  • A pajama pants pattern I made myself out of some disassembled pants from the dollar store.   Not helpful I know

3. Greatest sewing achievement?

Probably the dress I just finished for my friend’s wedding.  It was the first project I really took my time on to get it right.  A close second would be this tunic, which got a lot of attention from my friends on Facebook.

Sweater knit tunic

4. Greatest sewing failure!?

Honestly I made a ton of mistakes with my gold jeans.  It was a noble attempt, but definitely a learning experience that will hopefully help me the next time I make a pair of jeans.  I also made a pair of wool-blend pants that ended up enormously too big for me.  My weight was fluctuating at the time and even though I thought I had followed the measurements on the pattern, they ended up looking pretty baggy, despite my efforts to take them in.  I refuse to get rid of them and have worn them a few times, just because so much of my time and effort went into them.

5. How much fabric have you got in your stash?

Ummm….you don’t want to know.  But seriously, I just came away with a giant haul a few weekends ago, and I have literally nowhere to store it.  My 3 bins are already filled to capacity.  Here is a look at my current stash.

My fabric stashOkay so maybe it’s not so bad…but keep in mind I’ve only been sewing for a year and a half.

6. How did you learn to sew?

I was unemployed and looking to fill some time productively, so I just went out and bought a pattern and some fabric.  My mom sews really well, so I had her help me – she explained how to read the pattern (I had no idea what interfacing was!) and gave me the basics in techniques.  She sewed my first projects along with me and then I ventured on my own.  Now that I have more practice under my belt, I don’t have to ask her nearly as many questions.  Plus the internet is a great resource for learning how to do many things.

7. What summer sewing projects are you planning to tackle?

Ooh!  Well, the list keeps growing.  I just finished making a bikini and I have cut out another bikini that I need to sew up.  I also want to make a pair of leggings and a few summer tank tops and a short sleeve blouse.  I also have plans for a knit wrap dress, but not sure what I will finish this season.

8. Do you make a muslin or dive straight in and wing it?

I dive straight in!  I know I should make a muslin, but I’m pretty impatient.  Although I have gotten better.  For one of my summer top projects I bought some pretty expensive material, so I plan on using some less expensive material to test out the pattern first.  But for most projects, I just go for it, fixing mistakes as I go.  Not the best way to work, I’m sure, but meh…..

9. What would be your perfect weekend?

I like to travel, so probably just exploring some place new.  Maybe a tasty breakfast in the morning, followed by something active.  Then a relaxing afternoon and a nice dinner with a glass (or two) of wine.

10. Favourite film, book and album?

  • Film: Probably a tie (for different reasons) between The Big Lebowski and The Princess Bride.  Those I can watch over and over and not get sick of.
  • Book: Cider House Rules, or most books by John Irving.
  • Album: Tough one but I guess I would have to say Automatic For the People by REM.  It stirs up many good things and the songs are all great.

Okay, well that wasn’t too painful.  Now for my nominees….

Jen of rubydust for her creative writing style and wonderful pictures that really bring her projects to life.

thecaroler of seamslikework for her honesty and humor she puts into all her project descriptions.

Andrea of wrenstitchery  for her beautifully made items that are an inspiration to me.


Here are my questions, should you choose to accept:

1. Was there a defining moment that got you into sewing?

2. What has inspired your blog style?

3. At the fabric store, do you usually know what you are buying or do you like to browse?

4. What was your biggest sewing mistake?

5. How much fabric is in your stash?

6. What is your next sewing project?

7. Which item from your bought wardrobe would you most like to be able to replicate?

8. What is your favorite sewing-related gadget?

9. What is your favorite place you have traveled to?

10. What other hobbies/activities do you enjoy besides sewing?


Thanks again to Helen for the honor, and if any of my nominees would like to participate, just leave me a link to your response in the comments below.  Bye-bye!




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