Throwback Thursday: Knit Dress

I’ve been kind of frustrated lately.  With my new job, long commute and social obligations, it’s been tough getting a decent chunk of time to finish my sewing projects.  Which means nothing to blog about.  However, last weekend I did end up taking a trip to Oldie’s Marketplace in Newburyport, MA and I had a great find.

McCalls Pattern 4089

I’m thinking this is from the 1970’s and I got it for $3 (plus tax).  I’ve been looking for a pattern for a casual knit dress and I think this could be fun.   Hopefully all the pieces are in there :o)

I’ve been really enjoying looking at old patterns lately and I can literally spend hours on Etsy just browsing through them.  The challenge is that they usually come in one size, so sometimes you can’t find what you want.  This one might be slightly big on top, but should be easy to adjust and shouldn’t be too much of a problem since it’s made for knits.

What do you think?  Any fun “throwbacks” you working on right now?



The New Patterns are Here!

The Jerk

Hooray!  There was just a big online sale and I just got a whole bunch of new patterns in the mail!

People often ask me, why do I have so many patterns?  Well mostly because I’m obsessed, but also because I am able to get them so cheap.  Last summer I decided to spend the $9.99 to join the BMV club so that I could get McCall, Vogue, Butterick, and Kwik Sew patterns for a discount.  The discounts have more than paid for themselves.  And it’s nice because a lot of times I would find a pattern I liked at a store, only to find out they are out of stock.  I highly recommend it if you think you are going to buy a lot of patterns in the coming year (as I was).  But you can also sign up for emails to get notified of their sales.  The sales are pretty good and you can often get patterns for $3.99.  So, maybe some upcoming projects in the future!  What do you think – anything strike your fancy?

New patterns