The New Patterns are Here!

The Jerk

Hooray!  There was just a big online sale and I just got a whole bunch of new patterns in the mail!

People often ask me, why do I have so many patterns?  Well mostly because I’m obsessed, but also because I am able to get them so cheap.  Last summer I decided to spend the $9.99 to join the BMV club so that I could get McCall, Vogue, Butterick, and Kwik Sew patterns for a discount.  The discounts have more than paid for themselves.  And it’s nice because a lot of times I would find a pattern I liked at a store, only to find out they are out of stock.  I highly recommend it if you think you are going to buy a lot of patterns in the coming year (as I was).  But you can also sign up for emails to get notified of their sales.  The sales are pretty good and you can often get patterns for $3.99.  So, maybe some upcoming projects in the future!  What do you think – anything strike your fancy?

New patterns

6 thoughts on “The New Patterns are Here!

  1. Christa Loveless

    I have not checked out the BMV club, but I as well have a huge collection of patterns that I love (we’re talking many bins full)! I try to organize them by category, similar to the categories in a pattern book table of contents. I always buy on sale, never pay full price, and sometimes buy the several of the same pattern in different sizes! Here’s a hint if you are a Joann Fabric’s shopper; often their pattern sale will state “limit 10”. This simply is not true! You can buy well over ten and still get the sale price!

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    1. Yeah – I need to start organizing mine. I bought a lot this year, not even mentioning the ones I got on Etsy! Great tip on Joann’s – I will need to start looking out for their sales as well. My new obsession now is retro and old patterns. I can tell I will have bins full pretty soon!


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