The Dress-for-Wedding Challenge: Part 1

Kay Under Pattern V1353Pattern: Vogue Patterns American Designer, Kay Unger New York #V1353

I almost put the title as The Wedding Dress Challenge, but changed it because I didn’t want people to think I was getting married, or worse yet attempting to make a wedding dress!  Eeeps!  A friend of mine is getting married on 4th of July weekend and I thought it would fun to wear something of my own creation.  I may be eating my words later.  But I feel like I have enough time to complete this task.  Plus I’ve had this pattern that I’ve been dying to try and some lovely material I bought many months ago that is just itching to be used.

Dress for wedding material
I think this is cotton, and it also has a little bit of stretch to it

I know, it looks pretty complicated.  But the rating says “easy” so I have some confidence in this project.

I had hoped to do some cutting on this today, but my day just got in the way.   So check back to see my progress as I attempt my first special occasion dress.

Something Old: This pattern has been sitting in my collection for about 9 months, which is not too old, but older than other patterns I have.

Something New: It calls for an invisible zipper!  I’ve never worked with one before and it looks like I need to use a special foot for it.

Something Borrowed: Technically I am borrowing my mom’s old sewing machine (only 10 years old), since she just bought a brand new one.

Something Blue:  I think there is some navy blue in there somewhere.

I also need to get about 2 yards of lining material, which means another trip to the fabric store (hooray!).   The material design kind of reminds me of a water color painting, which I think will look nice as a wedding dress.  As in dress for wedding….you get the idea.

Okay!  I will keep you updated on the progress as I go.  Wish me luck!

Continued in part 2

13 thoughts on “The Dress-for-Wedding Challenge: Part 1

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  4. your fabric looks beautiful! You’ll be fine with the invisible zipper, just have a practice with basting stitches before. I’m going fabric shopping tomorrow! I think I get more excited when buying fabric than anything else!


    1. Yes, basting! I need to do that more often. I used to absolutely dread basting, but have come to accept it. And I hear you on the fabric thing – it’s like an obsession. I have to go to the store and get 2 yrds of lining material, but I know I am going to come back with 4 different things. LOVE fabric shopping.


    1. Yeah, the zipper worries me more than the pleating. But I think I will get the hang of it. I’ve gotten better at regular zippers and I’m getting really good at taking stitches out and doing stuff over again!


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