Just Keep Sewing…

Well it feels like ages since I’ve been in blogworld.  I’ve missed writing, reading other blogs, and discovering new ideas and project inspirations.   So much has been happening the last couple months, but the biggest change was that I moved!  After a brief but necessary time living at my parent’s house, I finally moved into my own apartment.  It is a bit of an adjustment and the unpacking process takes a lot of my time, but I’m starting to feel back to normal again.  And despite everything that has been going on, I have kept up on my sewing…somewhat.

While I’ve been away from the blog, there were a few projects I completed that I didn’t have time to write about.  The first was a top from this retro pattern:

Sailor Pants

I bought this pattern because I have an obsession with those navy-style pants.  Someday I am going to make a pair.  I showed this to my sister and she asked “Ooh!  Can you make me that little sailor top for my birthday?!”  She may have been half-joking, but I accepted the challenge.

Crop Top


This pattern calls for something called “braid” for the trim, which I had a hard time figuring out what that was.  After an exhaustive Google search I wondered if it’s even called that any more.  My sister and I went to the fabric store to see what we could use for the the trim on the back flap.  Finally, she picked out some white ribbon so we could make a type of navy design.  I think it actually came out pretty good:

Navy crop top back


But, wow!  It is a tiny top.  I won’t post the picture of me wearing this, as it is a bit revealing.  So here is another shot of Madame Booty wearing it:

Navy crop top frontThe pattern was pretty quick and easy with the exception of the facing on the inside.  You had to hand tack the whole armpit and front area, which I hated.  But the top was so much fun to make, I made myself one too – with a different ribbon design.  I may post a picture later when I finish tacking the facing (been putting that task off for sure!).

The other project I was quite proud of was also a gift and my first attempt at something quilt-like.  My mom had found this piece of material that was perfect for a play pad to use with toy cars.  One of my good friend’s son really loves playing with cars, so I thought it would be perfect for his 3rd birthday.  I’ve never really been interested in making a quilt, but this is just one piece of material.  I put some batting in the middle and backed it with material from the Disney movie “Cars.” (not shown)  IMG_1548

I even gave my friend a fabric pen, so she could label the buildings her son could “drive” to.  Now she has a portable mat that will hopefully amuse her son when he wants to play with his cars and trucks.


So you see, I have been busy.  New responsibilities and changes in routine may have kept me from some things, but at least I can just keep sewing.



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