The Dress-for-Wedding Challenge: Epilogue

Pattern: Vogue Patterns American Designer, Kay Unger New York #V1353….continued from part 3part 2 and part 1

I thought it might be nice, since half my blog is about this one dress, to post a picture of the final dress in action.  Here is the dress I wore to my friend’s wedding over the July 4th holiday:

Me, having a conversation with a mystery person. I cropped her at her request.

A few days before the wedding, I added the thread belt loops and a fabulous gold belt from TJ Maxx ($9.99).

Belt loop






The wedding was wonderful – everyone had a great time.  I was so happy to see my friends take this next step in their relationship. I also couldn’t believe that I got a few compliments about my dress, from people I didn’t know and who didn’t know I made the dress.  It gave me a great ego boost – and I was ready to dance up a storm at the reception (not pictured).

Dress for WeddingOne final picture, then I swear I will never speak of this dress again!  Haha!  But seriously, I would use this pattern again, I especially liked how the bodice fit and I didn’t need to make too many adjustments on the skirt.  It would be interesting to see it made with a different print, so if anyone out there attempts this dress, let me know!

Seriously who is that mystery person?? I know you all want to know!


Gather ye bust line…

One of my first successful projects involved some cotton knit material my aunt gave me, bust-line gathers, and this Very Easy Vogue pattern #V8571.


The pattern was a pretty straight forward pull-over dress with a gathered bodice and empire waist.  This looks very flattering for most body types.  It is for two-way stretch knits, which works best when the material can be pulled both ways.   The material I had probably medium-weight, but I think this pattern will work well for lighter weight materials as well.

My mom’s serger just happened to be in the shop at the time, so I decided to try out the overlock stitch to prevent unraveling.
(This is shown as  overlockon my machine)

This worked great on finishing the raw edges, but it unfortunately broke my machine!  My machine is from the 1980’s and since those special stitches had not been used in a while, it could not switch off double stitches, even on the simple straight stitch.  This really caused an issue when I tried to fix my slightly crooked hem – there was no way I could tear out those stitches.  I guess with this one I will have to live with the imperfection (machine has since been fixed).

The gathered bodice was the actually the most successful part of the dress.  Since I didn’t follow the cutting directions correctly the first time, I ended up with an extra bodice that I was able to practice on.  I did some light research online and jumped right in. Basically, these gathers involve Continue reading “Gather ye bust line…”