Wait, is it After Labor Day?

Pattern: Simplicity 4127

IMG_1368It’s pretty bad when your summer projects don’t get finished until the fall.  It’s even worse when they leak into the wintertime as well.  Okay, so I am running a little behind on my projects.  But I wanted to finish this top, since I had already made the muslin (see blog post) and I didn’t want to forget all the knowledge I gained.  Especially since this was the most expensive material I have bought to date.  But of course it’s white, and you know what they say about wearing white…seasonably I mean.  Not the virgin thing.



This project went very well – I was able to get the straps right and had some soft white cotton that worked great as a lining.  Again, I installed an invisible zipper instead of a regular zipper, which the pattern called for.  My new invisible zipper foot has been serving me well – definitely worth the money.  I also made sure to cut the bottom section 2.5 inches shorter than the pattern, which gave me the length I wanted.  For the straps, I used a textured trim I found at the fabric store.  I wanted a contrast for the waist, so I picked a satin yellow ribbon.  I’m wondering if white would have been a better choice.  After I stitched it together, I realized I still had an issue of the bottom blousing out more than I liked.  I didn’t want the illusion I was Tank1expecting…so I knew I would need to do some adjusting.

I took in the material in two sections around each side seam.  Because of the gathers, my alterations are not too obvious….I don’t think.

Taking in the garment

I’m not too impressed with the way the bow came out – I’m never good at those little decorative things.  The bow on my muslin came out a lot better, probably because my mom helped me out with it.  I just don’t have her touch with stuff like that.  Bow perfectionism aside, I’m pretty proud of it.

Tank FinishedAll it needed was something for the top middle.  The top is outlined with the same trim from the straps, but I wanted to hide the seam where the two trim sections met.   I had bought a button, but I wasn’t crazy about it.  I looked online and found this:

Tank charm


And done!  Finally!  Now I have top that I can’t wear until…ummm…wait if you can’t wear white after Labor Day, when can you start wearing white again?

Well, whatever.  I am taking a trip to New Mexico in late March, so I think I will be safe wearing it then.


5 thoughts on “Wait, is it After Labor Day?

  1. Well done. Your top looks really nice and fits well on the shoulders and bust. And I just love yellow and white together. Don’t know about Labor Day, but I always associate them with spring and Easter. Anyway you look great.

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    1. I used this white cotton material that has some light embroidery on it. The fabric store I bought it at had a sign “As seen in J Crew.” Not sure about that, but it is really nice. I think I paid like $14/yard, which is a total splurge for me. I have a little bit left. Then used some sort of textured trim for the straps and top and just plain old satin ribbon for the middle bow. I probably should have practiced the bows a bit, but I wanted to get the darn thing done. Thanks for the comment!


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